Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

All children are welcome to apply for a place in Nursery, but please note that a place in the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class of Wetheringsett Primary C of E Primary School (see the school and nursery Admission Policy). Applications can be made at any time up until the half term before your child is be due to join the Nursery. There will be some flexibility in this while the nursery is becoming established.

You and your child are invited for a short visit during the term prior to starting Nursery.

We aim to provide a high standard of teaching and care for all our pupils therefore Wetheringsett C of E Primary School Special Educational Needs Policy and Local Offer extends to all the children in Nursery.

A home visit will be organised between the school and yourself so that the Nursery Teacher can visit you and your child in familiar comfortable setting. The aim of this visit is to allow you and your child to get to know the staff plus share any information that you wish and to allow the Nursery Teacher to get to know your child.

The children are admitted to Nursery in small groups. This gives the Nursery staff the opportunity to introduce the children to Nursery routines and activities in a calm and personal way and allows them to get to know the children’s individual needs it also ensures that the children settle happily and confidently into the Nursery. If your child shows any distress at being left, the Nursery staff will be pleased to offer advice and strategies which experience has proved to be successful.