Nursery Admissions Policy

Nursery Admissions Policy

Person Responsible:


Approval Body:

Safeguarding Governor/Headteacher

Date of approval:

Summer 2015

Review date:

Summer 2016

  1. Our nursery is able to offer 13 places for 17.5 hours per week, term time only. Sessions are each morning from 8.30am - 12 noon in an early years class consisting of nursery and reception aged children . If spaces are available, we are able to admit children in the term after their third birthday.  

  2. The offer of places for September will coincide with the Local Authority offer of Reception class places, normally end of Spring or early Summer term.

  3. The offer of places for January will take place in the Autumn term.

  4. The offer of places for April will take place in the Spring term.

  5. In most circumstances, we aim to have termly admissions and to encourage children to attend for at least a term. This is in order to minimise disruption and to support induction arrangements. However, whilst the nursery is being established and numbers are low, children may be admitted at any point during each term and may be given a place as soon as they have their third birthday.

  6. We will not permit pupils to continue with any allocated nursery place at Wetheringsett Primary School beyond the end of the current school year (July), in which they turn four years old. At this age, although not necessarily of statutory school age, they must apply and be allocated a school place in order to remain in the early years class.

  7. If applications for nursery places exceed the number of available places, Wetheringsett Church of England Primary School will apply the following criteria in making allocations in the following order:

Priority will be given to:

1. Looked after children.

2. Children with a particular compelling educational and/or social or medical need as referred by a professional (e.g. social worker. speech therapist, health visitor, doctor etc.).

3. Children with a sibling at the school when the child is due to be admitted. (A sibling is a brother or sister, which for admission purposes means brothers and sisters of whole or half blood, or any other child (including an adopted child) who permanently resides at the same address and for whom the parent also has parental responsibility.)

4. Children living within the school’s catchment area.

5. Children living within the catchment area of the school’s Family of Schools partner schools (Wortham, Occold, Helmingham).

7. When filling remaining places mid-term, we use the previous term’s ‘consideration list’ first.

8. Any appeals or queries regarding this process should be put in writing to the Chair of Governors at Wetheringsett Primary School, Church Street, Wetheringsett, IP14 5PJ.

9. Applications can be made at any time from birth.‘A consideration list’ will be kept by the school of names, addresses, D.O.B., telephone number and date registered of children who are interested.

10.  The consideration list will not operate places on a "first come, first served" basis. The length of time children are on the consideration list in no way influences the decisions about places.  

11. Parents will be asked for the child’s birth certificate and proof of address.

12. Unsuccessful applicants will be considered with the next group of applicants.

13.It should be noted that a place in the nursery does not automatically guarantee a place at Wetheringsett Primary School and parents must still go through Suffolk County Council’s admissions process for admission into the school.

14.Parents who accept a place will be expected to commit to taking up the place for the rest of the academic year and are encouraged to use every session Wetheringsett Nursery offers. Should they wish to used some of their funded 15 hours elsewhere, this may be done with the agreement of the headteacher, but we would encourage the child to still attend each morning session at Wetheringsett .

15.If attendance and punctuality is poor or erratic the nursery teacher will talk to parents and remind them that for the child to benefit fully from nursery education, attendance needs to be regular and punctual. This conversation should be recorded and dated in the child's folder. If after a period of two weeks attendance and punctuality remain poor, a letter will be sent to the parents inviting them to meet with the Headteacher. If, following the meeting, there is no sustained improvement in attendance within an agreed period, then the child may lose their place. Parents will be notified of the loss of place in writing.

16. If a child is absent for a period of three weeks and no mitigating circumstances, such as illness certified by a doctor, have been offered, the child may lose their place and it may be offered to someone else. This will be decided by the Headteacher, and a letter explaining the situation will be sent to the parents.