Useful Nursery Information

Useful Nursery Information


· The nursery class runs every morning from 8.30 – 12.00

· To avoid a rush, parents can drop their child off any time between 8.30 and 8.40am.

Dropping Off and Collection

· Children are brought directly to the Nursery/ Reception Class entrance (the side gate part-way up the footpath up to the school along the car park. Parents of nursery children are encouraged to come into the building with their child and help them to put their belongings away in their locker, self-register and settle to an activity.

· As part of the admissions procedure, we will ask you to complete a form indicating who is authorised to collect your child. Please let us know if anyone else is going to collect your child at the end of the session.

Wrap-Around Care

· The school is hoping to open Breakfast Club childcare from 7.45am from September for a small charge.

· We also have close links with Jungle Cubs in Thorndon who can provide childcare during the afternoons. They may be able to collect your child after their morning session with us for an afternoon session with them.

· Please talk to a member of staff if either of these would be of interest to you.


· Your child will be involved in a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors which at times can result in them getting rather messy therefore, a spare set of named clothes are very useful.

· School uniform is not compulsory in the Nursery but school sweatshirts are available from the school office

· In the summer please can your child be provided with a sun hat and arrive each day already wearing sun cream.

· Please provide your child with suitable wet weather clothing including a pair of named wellingtons

· Please put your child’s name on everything

Food and drink

· Free milk and fruit are provided for your child’s break

· If you are interested in your child attending Lunch Club (from 12 – 1pm), please let us know.

Toilet Training

· We would expect the majority of children to be clean and dry by the time they start nursery, but understand that some may still be in nappies or training pants.

· If needed, staff are happy to change children and will talk to you about this on the home visit explaining our Intimate Care and Nappy Policies.


· If your child is absent from Nursery, please ring the office that day  or let a member of staff know when you drop off in the morning

· If a child has a place a nursery, we expect them to attend every session in order to get the fully benefit of the provision. Failure to so this could mean that they lose their place. Please see the admissions policy for further detail.