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Church School

Wetheringsett Church of England Primary School’s Trust Deed dates from 1859. It was established by the local church for the education of ‘adults or children of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes in the parish’ as an expression of Christian faith.  The school was finally opened in about 1861.
Today, the school is a 'voluntary controlled' primary school. Voluntary controlled schools are under the control of the local authority (Suffolk County Council) but retain their distinctive character as a church school. This means that Christian values are at the heart of the school and that we aim to provide children with a good understanding of Christian beliefs and values.

There are opportunities within the day for reflection and/or prayer and we have a daily act of Collective Worship in our assemblies. We also have close links with the village church and the diocese.

Our RE syllabus is the same as in community (non-church, local authority) schools, but we see it as a particularly highly valued part of the curriculum.