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Collective Worship

We have a daily act of Collective Worship during our assemblies. This is an important time of the school day when we come together as one. To symbolise this, each class brings a candle to assembly that are lit on the focus table. Our focus table is covered with a cloth appliqued with beautiful  felt images that celebrate the seasons and creation and were made by the children with a local art group.


The focus for our assemblies is based on our Values for Life. Assemblies have a Christian focus and Bible stories and the teachings of Jesus are often used. However, other stories, including stories from other religions, are also often used to explore the value.

Collective Worship follows a distinct format:
  • GATHER - We gather and greet each other.
  • ENGAGE - We engage with the big things and little things in life. We encounter Jesus and the stories of the Bible.
  • RESPOND - We respond to what we have heard and seen. We are given the opportunity to pray or worship God.
  • SEND - We are sent out to love and serve one another and make a difference in the world. We are dismissed with God’s blessing.

During Collective Worship, children are invited to pray or reflect on what they have heard. We always say 'time to think, time to pray' before prayers and children choose to make it their prayer by saying 'Amen' if they wish to. Whether children choose to pray or not, we see this as an opportunity for them to show respect to those that do.

Children play an active role in assemblies and our Ethos Committee sometimes lead the whole assembly!

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship. More information about this is available on the DfE website.