Sycamore Class Summer 2016


Sycamore Class Curriculum Newsletter - Summer 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to the long summer term. As always, there are lots of exciting things coming up, including our much-feted summer production.

In maths we will be consolidating all our learning to date. We will also be looking at money, Roman numerals and symmetry. As part of the school’s focus on mastery in mathematics, we will be challenging children to use what they know to reason and solve problems in context. You can support your children’s learning at home by practising their times tables and KIRFs regularly with them. Also, teaching them to tell the time, both 12 and 24 hours, will really benefit the children. There are numerous websites with games for all these, but ones we know to be particularly good are  and .

In English we will look at explanation texts and persuasive writing, as well as narratives of traditional stories. We will use this knowledge to support our learning in science, geography and DT. We will continue to build on our knowledge of grammar and our understanding of texts. At home, the best way to support your child in English is to continue to both listen to them read and to share more challenging texts with them than they might possibly read alone. Including varied text types (like non-fiction and newspapers, for example) will also help; many children get stuck reading one genre of fiction book. Research has shown that some of the best writers are avid readers, but being able to think more deeply about the text will also benefit children. Woodlands junior has many links to good resources, but the following website also has a list of useful questions to help children with their comprehension.

In science we are going to look at plants, learning about their parts and functions. We will also learn the part flowers play in the life cycle of plants. Our geography topic this half term is a study of the Amazon rainforest. We will look at the plants, animals and people who live then and then think about the importance of the rainforests for the whole planet. After half term our topic in history will be the Mayan population, through which we will consider the contrast with British history.

Our area of study in RE will be beliefs in action, which we will look at from both a Christian and Jewish perspective. The children will learn about the concept of Christ the King, God’s covenant in the Torah and also about Bar Mitzvahs and the Mezuzah.

In French, we will learn to give directions, describe clothing and to talk about the weather and places in France. We will also learn about other countries where French is spoken.

This half term, DT will be cookery, in which we will be thinking about healthy eating and making cheese straws, pizza and healthy boost bars. We will also be having a trip to Tesco where we will look at healthy foods and then will make bread in their bakery. After half term in art we will be making 3D models.

Finally, our PE focus moves into the traditionally summer activities of rounders, cricket and athletics. We will continue to have Mrs. Taplin for some lessons and will also have a visiting cricket teacher. PE will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure children have full, named, kit every week. They will also need trainers but these will need to be different to any they wear in the short term to go on the grass at break times, while it is still a little muddy. Please ensure that all kit is clearly named as we frequently have misplaced items.


Mrs Doherty will continue to teach the class every Monday afternoon and every Friday afternoon (until half term) Mrs Hammond will take the class for Forest School. The children will need to come with suitable clothing and footwear every week. Without this, for safety reasons, children will not be able to take part. If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs Hammond directly.

Our collective worship value for this half term is humility. We will be focusing on this area in assemblies and also other curriculum areas.        

Spellings continue to be tested on Fridays and times tables on Tuesdays. Please continue to encourage your children to practise both of these regularly, as well as their KIRFs. Home learning will continue to be sent out on Fridays and it is important that this is returned the following Thursday. Please remember we have homework club on Wednesdays for children who prefer to complete this in school, but they will need to have their book with them. As always, children should ask for further help from me if they are struggling to understand their homework.


If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes

Mrs Penistone