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Willow Class Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2016


 January 2016                                                                             


Dear Parents/Carers 

Welcome back after the Christmas break!

We are looking forward to a fun and busy term ahead. This half term our topic is ‘Creatures Great and Small’, linking our first topic to that in Key Stage One, ‘On Safari’. We will follow this with topics ‘Minibeasts’ and finally, ‘Dinosaurs’. On our return to school in February we will be focusing on ‘Traditional Tales’. We will use these topics as a basis for activities and learning within the Early Years Areas of Learning as follows:

Three Prime Areas

·         Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·         Communication and Language

·         Physical Development

Four Specific Areas

·         Literacy

·         Maths

·         Understanding of the World

·         Expressive Arts and Design

Activities and learning occur both indoors and outdoors; through both adult led/initiated activities and the children’s play and self-initiated activities.

Reception children will take part in P.E. sessions each week and Forest Schools every Wednesday. They will also be taking part in further music, art, topic/science, PSHE sessions and R.E. in the afternoons in Lime Class.

We will continue to have ‘Show and Tell’ sessions on a Friday morning. This gives the children a chance to bring something interesting into school to talk or small group. This will happen every Friday morning. As well as being an opportunity for the children to share interesting items, it is also an important session building on their listening and speaking skills. If your child would like to bring something in for ‘Show and Tell’ please bring it into school on a Friday morning. It really enhances the activity if you can help your child choose an object (for example, a special object/gift, a photo or object from a holiday or trip) and talk to your child about their item so they have something to say. Alternatively, jot down some interesting points for us to help guide your child during the session.

This term we will introducing an ‘Estimation Station’ in Willow Class. This will be an interactive activity to further engage the children in maths, building on their number and estimation skills. There will be a see-through estimation tub/jar which will hold the objects. The children throughout the week will be able to estimate the number of objects in the tub. Similarly to how Bertie the Bear works, the estimation tub will come home with a different child each Friday, to be returned on the following Monday. With your child, please decide what item to put in the tub, such as, big pasta tubes, bottle lids, lego/duplo bricks, pens/pencils, stone, pine cones, conkers (we will return anything other than biodegradable objects). As we are primarily working with numbers up to 20 in Early Years please do not go beyond this. Please also keep to one type of item in the tub. It is up to you if you want to share the number of items you put in the tub with your child or decide on the objects together and then keep it a surprise for them, enabling them be able to take part in the estimation too. If you do decide on the number together, please talk to your child about keeping it a surprise for the other children and not sharing the answer with them.

We appreciate all your support so far this year and we look forward to the term ahead. Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us if you would like to discuss anything or have any queries or questions.

Kind Regards,   


Mrs Jones and Mrs Bell