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Willow Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2015

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                                                                                              September 2015


We have been delighted with the way the children have coped with their first experience of school. Thank you for your help this last week and for preparing the children so well. We will continue with the same morning routine with the children coming in through the Early Years’ gate from 8.30am and school beginning at 8.40am.The children are settling well with the morning in Willow class and then joining the children in Lime class for the afternoons. The teachers of Willow and Lime class work closely together and share information daily. Therefore, please feel free to talk to any teacher regarding your child, or indeed teaching assistant.

Reception children will take part in P.E. sessions each week and Forest Schools every Wednesday. P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of each half term to be washed. Please name all jumpers clothing clearly to avoid muddling of clothing.

We will soon begin our phonics sessions. This will start with a focus on the children’s concentration and listening skills, as well as their alliterative and rhyming abilities. Building these listening skills is a crucial building block in the reading process and it is important that children are not rushed through this part. Depending on each child’s readiness and listening ability, the children will then learn a new letter sound and action to go with it each week. At the end of a week, the children will bring home a sound sheet related to the sound/s they have learnt that week. Please look at these together and help them to remember the sounds and actions (you may find they are teaching you). Also, you can begin to show them the correct way to write the letter (a letter formation sheet will be sent home shortly). However, please remember that knowing the letter sound and action is the most important thing at this stage. As the phonics scheme gets under way over the next term, you will see your child’s knowledge of sounds and simple words develop. Each child’s reading will develop at their own rate and we will work with each child at their own stage. Therefore not all the children will be reading at the same time. Please do not panic if your child is not reading at the same point as others as it is important we work with them at their own pace and do not jump steps. If children are moved on too quickly they will struggle at a later point.

Mark making and writing will develop over the year. Activities such as using play dough, painting, colouring with chunky crayons/chalks, playing with lego, k-nex, beading and threading, cutting and sticking etc. will all help develop your child’s fine motor skills and control in preparation for writing. You may wish to begin to help your child form the letters of their name (if they are not writing their name yet). Please remember to help teach your child to use a capital letter at the beginning of the name only and then the rest should be lower case letters. As the children build their knowledge of sounds they will begin the writing process.

Learning and development in the Early Years occurs within these seven areas of learning:

Three Prime Areas

·         Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·         Communication and Language

·         Physical Development

Four Specific Areas

·         Literacy

·         Maths

·         Understanding of the World

·         Expressive Arts and Design

Activities and learning occur both indoors and outdoors; through both adult led/initiated activities and the children’s play and self-initiated activities.

During the Autumn term we will be focusing on ‘Ourselves’ and ‘Nursery Rhymes’. We will also link to the KS1 topic of ‘Land Ahoy!’

Each term we will send out a newsletter, which will give you more information about the different activities we may be doing that term and also any important dates for the term.

‘Show and Tell’ is a session that gives the children a chance to bring something interesting into school to talk about with their class or small group. This will happen every Friday morning. As well as being an opportunity for the children to share interesting items, it is also an important session building on their listening and speaking skills. If your child would like to bring something in for ‘Show and Tell’ please bring it into school on a Friday morning. It really enhances the activity if you can help your child choose an object (for example, a special object/gift, a photo or object from a holiday or trip) and talk to your child about their item so they have something to say. Alternatively, jot down some interesting points for us to help guide your child during the session. Please don’t worry if you don’t have anything to show one week, your child can tell some news instead.

Over the next few weeks you may hear about, and get to meet, Bertie the Bear. He is our cuddly toy bear who likes to go home with a different child each week (every Friday). Bertie has a diary which comes home with him so everyone can hear about his visit. This is a lovely way for the children to find out about each other, and their families, and we hope you will enjoy having him to stay. Please write on the next new page and you are more than welcome to include a photo of your child and Bertie, and their adventures. Alternatively, your child may like to draw a picture of Bertie to put in his diary. Please stick the photos/pictures in the book.

We appreciate all your support and we hope you and your child enjoy this first term at Wetheringsett. Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us if you are unsure of anything or have any worries or questions.

Kind Regards,   


Mrs Jones, Mrs Foreman, Mrs Besley, Mrs Bell and Mrs Hammond