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Newsletter Autumn 3 11.11.16


Autumn Term 2016 - Newsletter 3

11th November 2016

Dear parents/carers,

World Diabetes Day

A reminder that this takes place on Monday. Children can bring £1 to dress up in onesies or pyjamas for the day. They will be taking part in a walk around the field so need wellies or old shoes. This has been organised by Izzy and her friend Lucy who are in Y6. Izzy has type 1 diabetes and is keen to raise awareness and money.

Value for Life

The Ethos Committee (Dora, Georgina, Hannah and Paul) have chosen Service as our Value for Life this half term. This can be a difficult concept for children, but is essentially about following Jesus’ example as the ‘servant king’ by serving others in whatever way we can, from the huge acts of service we learn in the stories of famous people’s deeds, to the small everyday things we can do for others. The attached leaflet provides information for parents and activities for children. As always, this value will be the focus of our collective worship each day and we will be promoting it across the school day in other ways. Please support by drawing children’s attention to acts of service that you spot in films, stories and day to day life.


We have noticed that several girls are wearing boots to school. These are proving to be uncomfortable when children sit crossed legged on the carpet. At the moment, there is nothing explicit on our website or in our school brochure that says boots are not allowed, (although only shoes are mentioned as suitable footwear). I feel that it would therefore be unfair to say that boots are not allowed, particularly as parents may have recently invested in a pair for their child to wear for school over the winter, but would strongly recommend that shoes rather than boots are worn if possible. From September 2017, we will ask that boots are not worn to school.

Remember to keep looking at our website for updates and photographs about the interesting things that happen in school! The Ethos Committee led a very moving Remembrance Service today on the theme of child refugees affected by war. Children from each class took part in and photographs from this will be uploaded soon!

Vicky Doherty


Dates for your diary:

14th November

World Diabetes Day (wear onesie or PJs)

18th November, 9am

Sycamore Class Assembly

19th November

Friends’ Victorian Christmas Fayre (at the Middy)

25th November, 9am

Lime Class Assembly

14th December, 6pm

Christmas Service (in the church)

Term Dates


Autumn Term

Thursday 1 September 2016 to Tuesday 20 December 2016

(Half Term: Monday 24 October 2016 to Friday 28 October 201)

Spring Term

Wednesday 4 January 2017 to Friday 31 March 2017

(Half Term: Monday 13 February 2017 to Friday 17 February 2017)

Summer Term

Tuesday 18 April 2017 to Friday 21 July 2017

(Half Term: Monday 29 May 2017 to Friday 2 June 2017)

PD Days:

21st October 2016

4th January 2017

18th April 2017

Parent Response Slip

Either email or send in a paper version for the attention of the Headteacher.

Name of parent  ________________________ Date _______________


Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your views are listened to and given careful consideration.