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Newsletter Autumn Term 6 13.12.13


Autumn Term 2013 - Newsletter 6

13th December 2013

Dear Parents/Carers,

Changes from January

We are excited to be welcoming at least seven new children in January who will be joining us from Stoke Ash Primary School. These children spent a day in school with us last week and I was delighted both to meet them, but also by how friendly, caring and welcoming our children were towards them. It was a really positive day.

The children joining our school in Key Stage 2 can be accommodated within Chestnut and Sycamore classes. However, the number joining Reception and Key Stage 1 means that we will need to make some changes to the way we organise those classes from January.

At the moment, Year 2 are taught separately as Lime Tree Class in the morning and join Reception and Year 1 in the afternoon in Willow Tree Class. From January, Year 2 will be a separate class for most of the week, only joining Willow class on a Monday and Friday afternoon when the timetabled activities are suitable for the larger class. They will be taught by me on Monday morning and all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Jo Pratt (who taught part time in Chestnut Tree Class and the sessions we ran for pre-school children last year) will teach them on Thursdays and on Friday mornings, and we are very pleased to have Mrs Pratt coming back.

Mrs Jo Woodhouse, who currently runs our lunchtime french club, will take over from Miss Sutton in teaching French to Key Stage 2 on a Monday afternoon. Mrs Woodhouse teaches French at other local primary schools and it will be great to have her expertise.

On a sadder note, we will be saying a very fond ‘good bye’ to Mrs Bates at the end of this term who is leaving to take up a post at Mellis Primary School. Mrs Bates has been a much loved part of the school for several years and we will all miss her very much.

Afternoon Tea for New Parents

To welcome the parents of the Stoke Ash children and help them to meet other parents, the Friends have kindly offered to host an Afternoon Tea on 10th January at 2.45pm to which all existing and new parents are invited. It would be lovely to have as many parents as possible there to informally meet them.

Carols Round the Tree and Christingles

This special annual event takes place in the village hall after school (3.45pm) on Thursday. All are welcome to come and join us.

Christmas Carol Service

As usual, this was a lovely occasion and everyone was very proud of all our performers. Thank you for the £121 that was donated at the service.

WOW Newsletter and Website

There has been lots to celebrate this term, including a very impressive victory from our football team this week when they won the Small Schools Inter-Schools Tournament.

There will be another edition of our Wonders of Wetheringsett (WOW) celebratory newsletter next week with more news and photos of all the happenings in school. Don’t forget to keep looking at the website for updates and photographs. This is updated at least weekly.

Attendance and Punctuality

This week we had a monitoring visit from our Education Welfare Office who voiced very strong concerns about both our attendance and punctuality rates. These are significantly lower than other schools and will now be scrutinised very closely.

On Wednesday this week, 15 children were late - more than 20% of the pupils! As the weather gets worse and windscreens need scraping or traffic may be slower, you need to factor in extra time to get to school. Lessons start straight after the register at 8.40am and it is important that your child is in and does not miss any learning time. Do let us know if there is anything we can do to support you. If children are holding you up in the mornings, a word from their headteacher can often give them the motivation to do as they are asked!

We accept that children do get unwell and obviously do need to take time off school if they are ill. However, they do not need time off for minor illnesses, such as a headache or a light cold and parents need to remember that any missed learning time will have a negative impact on their education. Making a judgement as to whether they are well enough to come to school can be difficult. There is very sound advice on this on NHS Live Well website http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Yourchildatschool/Pages/Illness.aspx

If you are not sure, you could always send them in and let us know that they are not 100% and we will keep a close eye on them and will contact you if they are flagging.

Vicky Doherty


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