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WOW Newsletter May 2014


Wonders of Wetheringsett - May 2014

Despite this being the shortest half-term of the school year, we have still managed to cram in a huge amount of interesting learning and exciting activities! With the warmer weather, it has been great to see the children enjoying the outdoors more and more both at break times and for learning opportunities.

Vicky Doherty


Skipping Week

This week has been Skipping Week in school. Each day every class has spent time practising their skipping skills and every single child in the school has improved in some way. This has been a real lesson in perseverance for some children who were adamant that they could not ever skip when they started on Monday! Today and yesterday, we were pleased to have many parents join us to watch and (for some) to take part.

wow newsletter various 007 (640x480).jpg wow newsletter various 009 (640x480).jpg

The Round Britain Run

After Easter, the Round Britain Run was launched in school. At lunchtimes, children were able to run around the field, getting a wristband for each lap they did. At the end of each lunchtime all the wristbands are counted and some of the older children calculate the total distance run. This is then plotted on our map. Just the first day children ran as far as London and, as you might be able to just see on the map, they have now run as far a Wales!wow newsletter various 012 (480x640).jpg

Food Bank Appeal

As part of their RE work on ‘The Kingdom of God’ and to link with our half-term’s value of ‘Service’, children In Sycamore were visited by Major Bev from the Salvation Army. Major Bev talked about some of the ways the Salvation Army serves the community and gave some suggestions for ways Sycamore Class could help. They decided to collect items for the Salvation Army’s  Food Bank and emergency van and collected 66 items!

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Football Success

William B came into school last week laden down with all the medals and trophies he had been presented with by his Salvation Army Football Club. He had the fantastic achievement of being awarded ‘Player of the Year’.

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Philosophy for Children in Y3/4

Philosophy sessions were introduced in each class at the beginning of the school year and since then children have been able to explore all sorts of ideas and issues, often stimulated from a story book.

wow newsletter various 004 (640x480).jpg

In Sycamore Class, children read the wonderful Australian book ‘Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa’ and had some interesting discussions around the morality of stealing. They were also able to try on a fabulous pink feather boa themselves and compare how it made them each feel.

DSCF1249 (480x640).jpg

Natural Sculptures in YR/1

Willow Class have created natural sculptures thinking about the shape of facial features- this was linked to their topic on Plants and Flowers in which they explored art based in nature.

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photo (320x240).jpg

Wind in the Willows

Preparations are well underway for our performance of Wind in the Willows. Lots of children bravely auditioned this week and the main parts have been cast.

Scripts were sent home for the half term break for children to learn, ready for rehearsals to start in earnest when we return.

All KS2 children will have a part and the younger children will help sing the songs as part of the chorus.

Knives and forks like you’ve never seen before!wow newsletter various 003 (480x640).jpg

As part of their work on materials, Y5/6 have been thinking about using objects in unusual ways. In their design technology lessons they have designed all sorts of things made out of cutlery. This amazing jewellery stand was made at home and brought in!

Buildings in Lime Tree Class

Year 2 have started a topic on Buildings. Their ‘entry point’ activity was to make a structure with playing cards - rather challenging!house of cards 004 (640x480).jpg

They have enjoyed a walk around the village, looking closely at houses in preparation for some art work.

houses trip 001 (640x480).jpg

They have also been detectives, looking for clues for how old houses might be. They  discovered that this is particularly challenging when some new houses are built to look like old houses!

Garden Party

The annual garden party, organised by the Friends, took place on a lovely, sunny afternoon in the school garden and playground.  Thanks to all the hard work of the Friends and children and staff (who prepared lots of yummy food to sell) and the support of our parents, more money than ever before was raised!

Garden Party 005 (640x480).jpgGarden Party 006 (640x480).jpg

Water Bottles

Sports Bottle

We are aware that it is difficult for children to access drinking water when they are running around on the field at lunchtimes.

Please could ALL children bring a clearly labelled water bottle to school each day to take outside with them. This needs to be taken home each night to wash and refill.

Holiday Absences

We have had several worrying instances recently when parents have phoned to say their child is ill and it has transpired that they are actually on holiday.

Although we cannot condone taking children out of school in term time for holidays and cannot authorise such absences, it is important that parents are honest.

‘Be honest’ is one of our school rules and we always emphasise the importance of telling the truth to children. It is not fair to them and can put them in an upsetting situation if they are encouraged to lie to their teachers and friends.

As headteacher, I have a statutory duty to only authorise absences if I am satisfied with the reason given, whatever the parent might have said, so if there are questions around the reason, the absence would not be authorised in any case.