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Pupil Premium Spending Plan - Autumn 2015

Autumn Term 2015: Pupil premium funding planning


Pupil Premium to be used for:

Amount allocated to intervention / action

Brief summary of intervention / action, including details of year groups and pupils involved and timescales

Is this a new or continued activity?

What are the specific intended outcomes?

(Be specific: Think – ‘as a result of this intervention / action…’)

How will the activity be monitored and by whom? How will success be evidenced?

Actual impact: what was achieved? (Be specific: As a result of this intervention / action…)

Will the intervention /activity be repeated? Will any changes be made (specify)?

Teacher intervention individual work - literacy focus


£255 over term

Y4 PP child

Total of 1/2hr a week


As a result of this intervention *** will extend his writing in class using concepts he has consolidated and showing further understanding of how to develop his writing. .

Child L

Observation of session 29.9.15

Review of session notes

Review of evidence in work half termly

Teacher intervention individual work - literacy focus


£255 over term

Y4 PP child

Total of 1/2hr a we


As a result of this intervention *** will use full stops correctly in his writing and will begin to add detail to his sentences

Observation of session 29.9.15

Review of session notes

Review of evidence in work half termly

Writing intervention group with teacher (HB)


Y5/6 4 children:


Work on improving language and sentence structure in writing.


Child C & A

1. to add detail for interest in all writing.

2. to use rhetorical questions to excite the reader.

3. to time and causal conjunctions.

Child W

1. to add more detail for interest in all writing.

2. to always use punctuation correctly in all writing especially full stops and capital letters.

3. to edit work to make sure it makes sense.

End of term data

Children’s writing in class books will show improvement

Teaching staff development in writing – opportunities for children to identify and gain experience of excellence 26.11.15


Staff meeting attended by all TAs

All children (but esp. those below ARE in writing) and especially targeted at  disadvantaged children who may not get the same exposure to higher level language and writing. This has been identified as a barrier in several PP children’s writing:

(9 chn)


Disadvantaged children will show a higher level of sentence structure and vocabulary in their writing.

This will take time and will be difficult to evaluate separately from other interventions to support writing, but should be apparent in half termly book looks and work with pupils - should be able to identify what makes good writing etc.

Teaching staff development in mastery approach to learning and high quality formative assessment

£150 TAs at PD Day

£150 release time for planning

£500 TAs at staff meetings

Target children who tend to slip below or not make enough progress:

(5 chn)


All staff will have high aspirations for all and a culture of ‘learning without limits’ will begin to be established, leading to improved outcomes for disadvantaged pupils..

Teaching staff will gain skills in early intervention and ongoing targeting of those falling behind which will lead to improved outcomes for PP children

End of term data - PP gap narrowing between PP and peers.

Work scrutiny and other monitoring shows most  PP children are achieving the planned objective.

Breakfast Club

£600, but some income will contra this

All PP children:to be encouraged to attend.

(3 already attending, 3 more being targeted)


Those children who attend will be seen to settle more easily into school day after a positive start, having a positive impact on learning.

If **** can be persuaded, will impact on punctuality and possible hunger. Will also support language and social skills, having a positive impact on learning.

Teachers report evidence of these.

Bucket Ball


Lunchtime club run by HLTA:

3 xPP chn

This will  also have time to reflect on feelings/ managing behaviour/ team work etc.

An aim for *** is to make him more engaged in school as well.


There will be fewer incidents at lunchtime involving these children, meaning less disruption to afternoon learning.

Improved relationships with adults

Children are able to manage their feelings and conflicts better.

** is more engaged at school

Behaviour files

Views of staff who work closely with them.

Pupil perceptions.

Board games club


Run by *** (Y5)

Aim to encourage *** to take a lead role in something and to support him to go out of his comfort zone  - identified as a barrier to his learning


*** will confidently run the club.

Those that work closely with him will report an increase in his confidence.

There will be a reduction in the number of ‘meltdowns’ when faced with something new or out of his comfort zone.

Observing the club

Views of those who work closely with him.

Science enrichment day


Disadvantaged pupils targeted for participation:

(4 PP children)


Widen experiences and raise aspirations for disadvantaged pupils.

*** - take out of comfort zone in supported way

Observations by staff of level of engagement and enjoyment in day and future science lessons

Funding Clubs


All clubs for disadvantaged pupils are fully funded:

15/16 PP children currently attend clubs


Positive and safe time for those with difficult home lives.

Supports childcare needs.

Health and fitness of disadvantaged pupils.

Equality of opportunity.

Engagement  in school improves.

Can quantify number who attend clubs, but will be difficult to evaluate impact.

Funding uniform


Specific items of clothing are provided free of charge each year for disadvantaged pupils


Disadvantaged pupils will feel pride in their appearance and able to achieve as well as their peers.

Equality of opportunity.

Difficult to evaluate impact...

Funding Trips


All school trips are funded for disadvantaged pupils.


Widen experiences and raise aspirations for disadvantaged pupils.

Equality of opportunity.

Difficult to evaluate impact...

Funding school meals




statutory obligation


Part funding TAs


Extra time to focus on disadvantaged pupils in class (teacher or TA)


More time to meet needs of disadvantaged pupils will result in improved outcomes


Lesson observations - what is the focus on PP children?

Homework Club


1 x a week., staffed by HLTA.

All children able to attend, but disadvantaged children encouraged. Currently attended by:

4xPP children


Disadvantaged pupils are able to have the support and resources they need to complete their homework to a high standard.

Equality of opportunity.

Impact on outcomes, but difficult to separate.

Pupil perceptions?

Maths intervention

by teacher (VJD)


*** (& 2 non PP children)

30 - 45 mins a week

Targeting something identified in class work that week


End of unit formative assessments will show that *** has grasped concepts that she was not able to grasp in class.

End of unit assessments.

Pupil perceptions about confidence in maths.

Phonics and maths daily intervention by teacher


**** (YR)

15-25 minutes a day targeted to specific needs


By end of term

secure on phase 1 aspect 7 and beginning phase 2

Secure understanding of numbers up to 7 (eg order, quantities etc)

*** will make accelerated progress and will achieved GLD by the end of YR

Class assessments