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Sports Premium 2013 - 14

What is the Sports Premium?

The Sports Premium Grant is additional funding from the Government to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sports provision, including participation, health and wellbeing.

How much is the Sports Premium Grant?

Allocations are calculated using the number of pupils in Years 1-6 and those aged 5 in Reception, as recorded in the January census as follows:

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £8,000 plus £5 per eligible pupil and schools with 16 or fewer eligible pupils receive £500 per pupil.

At Wetheringsett, we received £5,050.00 for the academic year 2013/2014. As of April 2014, a total of £3,709 has been spent.

Details of the spending and impact are outlined below.

How will the Sports Premium Grant be spent?

The following table outlines how the funding could be used and how it has or will be used at Wetheringsett.

Suggested Spending

Spending at Wetheringsett

Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with teachers when teaching PE/Sport, paying for teachers’ PE/Sport professional development and providing places for pupils on school clubs.

Ollie, a PE/Sport teacher from Debenham High School worked with Mrs Sharpe and Sycamore during the autumn term and will work with Mrs Taplin and Chestnut during the summer term, to deliver handball and athletics respectively. £1000

Throughout the whole year Premier Sports are delivering PE and Sport in Willow, Lime, Sycamore and Chestnut. sports premium funding not used as this is how PPA time for some staff has been provided historically

During the spring term Andrew Hamp from Sparrow Hawk Leisure led orienteering sessions for the children in Sycamore and Chestnut and provided professional development for the staff. £187.50

Also, Jaya Dance School Workshops taught Bollywood style dancing to all the children.£225

A Chance to Shine will provide cricket coaching for Chestnut in the summer term. £150

Other areas of professional development have been PE leadership courses for the PE Co-ordinator, but other opportunities for training in different PE and Sports skills will accessed when appropriate.

Premier Sport has also provided clubs at lunch and after school.  This has included Multi-skills, Football, Gymnastics and will include Cricket and Rounders, as well as Tennis and Athletics in the summer term. £540

Kelly Hammond has been trained as a Forest Schools Leader with the view to implementation in the autumn term, 2014. £1370

Release for primary teachers to enable entry into competitions and sports activities or to cover release for this purpose.

This has enabled Wetheringsett to attend the Cross Country Competition and Netball Tournament in the autumn term. £141

Running sport competitions and increasing pupils’ participation in School Games.

Wetheringsett have been able to increase their participation in School Games this year.  So far the school has successfully entered a Cross Country, Football and Netball Tournament and will be participating in a Rounders Competition.

Buying PE/Sport materials.

The funding will be used to replace and add to the school’s PE and Sport equipment and storage, to enable greater access for all pupils to the PE/Sport curriculum and opportunities. £150

Providing cover to release primary teachers to increase and improve participation in Sport and PE.

Funding has been used to enable the PE Co-ordinator to audit, train and plan for provision of PE/Sport in the school. £180

During the summer term a sports week is planned using the Commonwealth Games as the theme.  The Year 5&6’s will be taught to lead the younger children in the school in sports participation, competition and achieving their personal best.

What impact has Wetheringsett seen on the pupils’ PE and Sport participation and attainment as a result to ensure all pupils develop healthy lifestyles?

At Wetheringsett we want to see:

  • Increased opportunities for all our pupils to access a wider variety of PE and Sports.
  • Opportunities to develop the competitive element of sports and the skill of sportsmanship.
  • Develop pupil understanding of keeping fit and healthy and ways they can improve their health and fitness.
  • Pupils who are fitter and healthier are motivated to continue to improve.

The children and parents have participated in questionnaires and audits this year.  It is the aim of the school to repeat these, to measure the impact of increased and improved PE/Sport provision in the school.  Initially, the findings showed that the clubs we have provided are important because more children take part in physical activity in school than out of school.  It also provides us with information about what type of provision and when it is provided for the future.  The perception pupil questionnaire has also enabled the PE Co-ordinator to provide and plan for training in curriculum provision and the quality of teaching and assessment.