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Sports Premium 2016-17

What is the Sports Premium?

The Sports Premium Grant is additional funding from the Government to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sports provision, including participation, health and wellbeing.

How much is the Sports Premium Grant?

Allocations for the academic year 2016/2017 are calculated using the number of pupils in Years 1-6 and those aged 5 in Reception, as recorded in the January 2016 census as follows:

·         schools with 17 or more pupils receive £8,000 plus £5 per pupil

·         schools with 16 or fewer pupils receive £500 per pupil


At Wetheringsett, we will receive £8,300 for the academic year 2016-17.

How was the Sports Premium Grant spent?

The following table outlines how the funding has been used in 2016-2017 at Wetheringsett and its planned use during the remainder of the school year.

Spending at Wetheringsett


Funding of a PE/Sports Lead teacher shared by the two of the small schools of the pyramid. 

  • Her remit is to work alongside teachers whilst teaching PE and Sport, modelling, up-skilling and providing planning and so enable the teaching of good and better PE teaching.  In addition, her remit is to enable professional conversation regarding the teaching of PE and Sport resulting from PE observations.

PE/Sports Leader Costs: £5439.00

Dance Audio and visual Provision to support teacher planning: £64.50

PE Hub Planning Resources to support teacher planning: £350.00

Quicksticks Resource Cards to support teacher planning: 66.70

Association of PE Costs: 58.00

One Dance UK Costs: £45.50

Suffolk Sport Primary Conference Costs: £75.00

  • In addition, the PE/Sports Leader has overseen the provision of clubs and entry of School Games competitions  at Wetheringsett.

Pipers Vale Costs: £185.00

Orienteering Session Costs: £190.00

Yoga Taster Session Costs:

Bucket Ball Costs: £60.34

Badminton Club: £24.14

Hockey Club: £24.14


  • The PE/Sports Leader developed a Sports Leader system.  The new Sports Leaders have volunteered for the new school year and will meet once a week with the PE/Sports Leader to plan the week ahead and any initiatives. 


  • The Sport Day was adapted by the PE/Sports Leader in the summer of 2015, to ensure a greater emphasis on fundamental movement skills for KS1 and a development of the key running, throwing and jumping athletic skills for KS2.  During the year, these skills were emphasised in the new PE/Sport units of work and the Sports Day enabled a competitive environment to practise them in.  This has continued into the summer of 2016.
  • Units of work for sport, athletics, dance and gymnastics have been developed with the staff and used to teach the children.  The level of the children’s competence in PE and sport is improving, seen for example in the ability and confidence dance has been performed to audiences and the enthusiasm and success shown when participating in inter-school competitions.
  • Evaluations of the PE lead working alongside colleagues and supporting their teaching continue to indicate improvement in the teachers’ teaching skills, understanding and competence, when planning and teaching PE and Sport.  Ease of access to dance resources and PE hockey skills cards have enhanced progression and the quality of the lesson.


  • Attendance at clubs has dropped this year.  A questionnaire was issued to the parents and as a result of this, some new clubs are planned to be trialled – basketball and yoga, lead by an outside provider.


  • To counteract the decline in club attendance the school has developed the role of the Sports Leaders who have set up activities twice a week during the lunchtime and have promoted physical activity and success through a sports notice board displaying the children’s participation in sport outside of school and reporting on the school’s participation in inter-school tournaments.


  • It is planned that the Sports Leaders will lead a multi-skills festival for KS 1 during the Summer term to promote physical confidence, active participation and experience of competition.


  • In addition, extra PE and Sport events have been arranged for the whole school, including an orienteering session for all the children and a trip to Pipers Vale.  The orienteering session has added to the children’s skills needed to participate in the School Games Orienteering Competition.  The visit to the gym provides the pupils with an experience of a space unavailable at the school, sporting activities outside school and an awareness of the achievement possible, in PE.  The pupils thoroughly enjoy this experience and have asked to attend again.  In addition an Olympic Athlete, Dominic King, visited the school to showcase his achievement but also to inspire the pupil’s to follow their dreams.  The event was a celebration – the pupils were very excited to meet him and join in with the fitness tasks and asked the athlete perceptive questions.
  • The parents and governors offered many positive comments about the range of athletic activities and the enthusiastic and capable participation of the pupils.  The children particularly enjoyed the development of the four types of throw – especially the heave/hammer throw.

Release for primary teachers to enable entry into competitions and sports activities or to cover release for this purpose.  Increasing pupils’ participation in School Games.

Participation and Entry Costs: £370

The school has entered football, swimming, cross country. Quicksticks hockey, Quadkids athletics and Rounders.


Wetheringsett’s PE and Sport Vision:


It is our vision at Wetheringsett, that all children will leave having enjoyed a broad range of sports and physical activity.  They will have gained the skills, knowledge and confidence to participate with enthusiasm, competence and independence.

We will teach safe, supportive and effective PE lessons, provide a range of relevant extra – curricular sports clubs and enable as many children to participate in school sporting competitions or performances whilst at the school. 

PE and Sport will also contribute to developing the pupils’ social, emotional and intellectual skills: such as communication, teamwork, resilience, fair play, leadership and problem-solving as-well as knowledge and understanding of how being active is related to being fit and healthy.  Participation in PE activities, showing determination, achieving success and ‘personal bests’, will be celebrated.  This will promote the children’s self-esteem, highlight the positive impact on health and well-being and promote a desire to continue to develop their skills. 

All the above, will lead to the children being able to continue to participate in sporting and physical activity and so make healthy choices, for the rest of their lives.