Homework 11.9.14

11th September 2014

Dear Parents/Carers,


The support that parents give at home to children’s learning can make a real difference. Schools can vary in their approach to homework and this is outlined in the school’s homework policy. After discussion with staff, the attached policy has been drafted. This explains our ethos towards homework and aims to be very clear on what homework children will get as they progress through the school, what subject areas it will be in and how long they will get to do it. Talking to parents, I am sure this clarity will be appreciated.

Also in the policy is a whole school expectation that all children will read at home a minimum of three times of week. We feel that this is an achievable target that even children with very busy lives should be able to do.

The policy is draft at them moment and your feedback would be very much appreciated. Feedback can be given by email, or by returning the attached slip. Please do this by 19.9.14.

Kind regards,

Vicky Doherty



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