Forest School News

This term, Willow and Lime Classes have enjoyed making a music area in Whispering Wood. We have used drills and bow saws to make a hanging xylophone. We used tree stumps for a drum set and Katie Kangaroo made herself a stick and fir cone microphone.

We have identified trees from their bark and branches. We also measured some of the trees using our arms to find the biggest and smallest trees in our wood. We made fat sticks for our birds and drilled holes in wood for ladybird homes that now hang in our trees. We also made some great mud pies and mud soups.

Chestnut Class reinstated the schools bug hotel in Whispering wood where it will be enjoyed and used more.

We had our first Whispering Wood Bake Off which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We had a lovely Whispering Food Store selling various decorated mud foods. I was given Whispering Wood money to pay for my food (moss, twigs and leaves).

We have been concentrating to work as a team and have worked together in various team building games including the very popular 'capture the flag'.

We followed a rope course (blindfolded) through the wood and used our sense of touch to navigate around the course.

It is so refreshing to see that all our children enjoy being able to just be children regardless of their age. They have enjoyed making mud pies, playing our wood drum set and many more activities without the pressure of feeling they are too old for these type of activities.