What to do if you are concerned about a child

What to do if you are concerned about a child

Any concerns about children should be directed to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Annie Hookway

The Deputy Safeguarding Leads are Kirsten Sharpe and Jo Self

The Named Governors for Safeguarding are Emma Morris and Rob Bensley.

If you are concerned about the welfare of a child when you are at the school, please follow this procedure:

Should a child disclose information that gives cause for concern that s/he is at risk of sexual/physical/emotional abuse or neglect, or you notice something that is cause for concern, immediately pass on the name of the child and the nature of any concerns you may have to the designated safeguarding lead, Annie Hookway In the event of any disclosure the following rules must be adhered to:

The child/young person must be made aware that confidences (‘secrets’) cannot necessarily be kept. Adults are required by law to pass on information that may suggest the individual is at risk. Comments made by a pupil may be recorded and passed on to appropriate agencies.

A Safeguarding Record of Concern should be completed within an hour with the following guidance:

  • Wherever possible the pupil’s own comments should be recorded in “quote-marks” in their own words. Never ask a leading question. Simply record what is said.
  • Make it clear if you express your own opinion e.g. “In my professional opinion…”
  • If there is evidence of any injury, please describe what you see and indicate the position of it on the diagram(s) on Wetheringsett Voluntary Controlled Primary School’s recording form.
  • Sign your name and date your written account.

This information should be passed on immediately to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead

Our full safeguarding policy is available here.



  • 0808 800 4005
  • the Police on 999
  • the NSPCC child protection helpline on 0808 800 5000.

More information is available on the Suffolk County Council website here.