If you are interested in applying for a place at Wetheringsett Primary School for your child(ren) please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a visit to have a look around our school. Alternatively, please telephone or email us if you have any questions or queries about applying for a place at the school.

Please contact the Office Manager on 01449 766215 /

Why Wetheringsett?

  • We are small village school with a family feel where staff know each child very well and all children are valued
  • Our caring ethos was highlighted as a strength in both our recent school school inspection and Ofsted inspection
  • We have a fantastic site with large garden, a huge field, an exciting and well resourced early years outside area and our own Forest School
  • We have carefully planned our curriculum to enthuse children, enhanced with lots of trips, visitors and special days

Don't worry if you don't live in our catchment area - a high proportion of our children come from surrounding towns and villages for all sorts of reasons.

Reception Class 2020/21 - Making your application

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 it is time to decide which school you would like them to attend in the Reception year and to apply for a full-time school place for the 2020/2021 school year.

You must apply for a full-time school place by the closing date of 15th January 2020.

How to make your Application

We strongly recommend that you apply online at The process is quick, safe and simple and you will receive an automatic acknowledgement to confirm that your application has been received.

If you do not have online access, you can apply on a paper application form (CAF1). These are available to download from or if you would like one posted to you please contact the Admissions Team at Suffolk County Council on 0345 600 0981. If you apply on a paper form you must return your application form to the Admissions Team, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 2BX. Please get proof of posting as the Admissions Team cannot be held responsible for information lost in the post. Please note Admissions do not acknowledge receipt of paper applications.

In-Year Applications

To apply for a place at the school, please complete the county council's in-year application form (CAF 2) which is also available from the Admissions Team at Suffolk County Council (see details above).

Suffolk County Council In-year Application

Admissions Policy

As a Local Authority maintained school, Wetheringsett VCP School follows Suffolk County Council admission arrangements and policy as set out below.

Our PAN (Published Admissions Number) - the number of children we can have in each year group, is 14.

If you are interested in joining the school, we would be delighted to meet you and show you around. Please contact us. Once you have made a decision about whether to apply for a school place with us, this must be done via the local authority Admissions Team. Information about how to do this is available here.

Detailed information about applying for a school place in Suffolk can be found in the pdf document at the bottom of this page.



We will offer you a school place on the following basis:

We will treat all your preferences (up to three) as equal. This is known as an ‘all preferences equal’ scheme. We will look to see if a place is available at each of your preferences and offer you a place at your highest preference school with a place available.

Step 1

If we can meet your first preference, we will offer you a place at that school.

Step 2

If we cannot meet your first preference but can meet your second preference, we will offer you a place at that school. For the entry year only we will place your name on the waiting list for your first preference school.

Step 3

If we cannot meet your second preference but can meet your third preference, we will offer you a place at that school. For the entry year only we will put your name on the waiting list of your first and second preference schools.

Step 4

If we cannot meet any of your preferences, we will offer you a place at your catchment school (if you have not included it in your preferences and if there is a place available there) or at the next nearest school, which has a place available, with regard to the efficient use of resources. The next nearest school is measured by walking distance. Walking distance is from the front door of the home to the nearest school gate. Where there is more than one home within a single building (for example apartments) we will measure from the main entrance of the building. For the entry year only, we will also place your name on the waiting list for your first, second and third preference school. This waiting list is held until the last day of the autumn term.

PLEASE NOTE that we cannot guarantee a place for your child at your catchment school. We recommend that you apply for more than one school because of this.

Admissions oversubscription criteria

For any of your preferred schools, there may be more applications for that school than there are places available.

It is important that all schools are able to provide an effective education for their pupils in suitable accommodation, which is not overcrowded. This means that schools can only offer a set number of places in any one year. This number is called the Published Admission Number (PAN), which is based on a national formula for deciding how many children can go to a school without causing overcrowding.

Oversubscription criteria to decide who gets a place

Children who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school must by law be offered a place at that school.

The following admissions oversubscription criteria show the order of priority for places at community and voluntary-controlled schools (and at those foundation / trust schools where it has been agreed that the local authority will manage their admissions arrangements). For entry year applications, these criteria will be applied according to the circumstances existing at the specified closing date.

  1. Children in public care (Looked After Children)
  2. Children who are ordinarily resident in the catchment area. See Notes below for what we mean by ordinarily resident.

(Please note that we are not able to guarantee a place at your catchment school)

Places will be allocated in the following priority order:

a. Where the preferred school is the most suitable school to meet the child’s medical needs. (You must provide a letter at the time of application from an NHS professional which sets out the particular reasons why the school in question is the most suitable school and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school).

b. Children who are brothers and sisters of, or who live as a family at the same address as, pupils who are already at the school or who have already been offered a place, and who will still be there at the time of admission (but not in the sixth form). Priority will be given, where necessary, to applications where there is the smallest age gap. If you have more than one child at the school, please name the youngest one.

c. If the school is voluntary-controlled, children whose parents are applying on the grounds that the child and/or the family are practising members of the Church of England. (You must provide a letter at the time of application from a priest or minister. This letter must specifically state that you and/or your child is a practising member of the Church of England and that you and/or your child go to church regularly, that is to say at least once a month).

d. Children who live nearest to the school. We will measure the distance by a straight line (‘as the crow flies’). All straight line distances are calculated electronically by the LA using data provided jointly by the Post Office and Ordnance Survey. The data plots the co-ordinates of each property and provides the address-point between which straight line distance is measured

e. and reported to three decimal places. Where there is more than one home within a single building (for example apartments) we will measure to a single point within that building irrespective of where those homes are located.

  1. Children who live outside the school’s catchment area in the same priority order as set out in (a) to (d) above.


Distance tiebreaker

  • It is possible that the PAN of the school will be reached in any one of the categories set out above. For this reason, all applications will be prioritised according to the rules described.
  • Decisions will be made about the offer of places in accordance with those priorities. If it is necessary to use a tie-breaker to distinguish between two or more applications, a distance criterion will be used. We will give priority to the applicants who live nearest to the school as measured by a straight line.
  • In the unlikely event that two applicants competing for a single place at a school live the same distance from the school, the place will be offered to one applicant on the basis of lots drawn by an officer of the county council not involved with admissions.
  • Multiple births
  • If the final place available at a school is offered to a twin or triplet and the remaining sibling/s would ordinarily be refused, Suffolk County Council will offer places to the remaining sibling/s at the same school, unless in the case of primary schools such admissions would breach infant class size legislation.

Waiting lists

  • If you apply for a school place in the normal admissions round and one or more of your preferences are refused, your child’s name will automatically be placed on a waiting list for these schools [as described in Step 2 to Step 4 at the beginning of this document]. Names are placed on the waiting list in the priority order set out in our admissions oversubscription criteria (above).
  • The order of children does not remain static - as circumstances change a child’s place on the waiting list can go up or down, for example due to withdrawals or additional applications. If you change your address while your child is on a waiting list you must let us know. Please be aware that this may change your child’s position on the waiting list, particularly if you move into or out
  • of the school’s catchment area.
  • Having your child’s name on a waiting list will not affect your right to appeal for a school place in any of the schools you have applied for.
  • If a place becomes available, we will offer it to children on the waiting list for that school in priority order. We do not offer places on the basis of the date on which names were placed on the list. The waiting lists will operate up to the end of the first full week of the spring term.
  • We do not hold waiting lists for school places for mid-year applications.