Teaching and Learning in Maths

At Wetheringsett Primary School we are committed to delivering a lively and engaging mathematics curriculum.

We believe that maths gives children a powerful set of tools to help them understand the world around them. These tools include logical reasoning and problem solving skills, as well as essential basic skills of calculation and number work. We also believe that children learn best when they make links between maths and real life. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to use their mathematical thinking across the curriculum.

This page will give you the chance to find out more about our approach to the teaching of maths and how you can support your child at home.

There are also useful website links and a downloadable version of our updated calculation policy will follow shortly.

How you can help your child at home

  • Give lots of praise and encouragement. Play games and have fun with maths!
  • Be positive about maths even if you don’t feel confident about it yourself.
  • Explain that it’s okay to make mistakes – they help us to learn!
  • Talk and listen to your child about their work in maths. It will help your child if they have to explain it to you.
  • Talk about and use maths in everyday situations. For example, telling the time, baking a cake or using money in a shop.
  • Count! Daily counting makes children more confident with number and can easily be done without pencil and paper. You could count lots of different things, including the people in a queue, cars in a traffic jam and items in a shopping trolley.
  • Practise times tables! Knowing these well helps with so many other areas of maths. There are lots of games you can play on the websites.
  • Practise the KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) that are sent home each half term. Learning these gives your child the tools they need to work out calculations quickly. Little and often is best. One child suggested doing them in the ad breaks whenever you are watching TV, which is a great idea!

Useful Websites

What Children Say About their Maths Learning

These are the things they enjoy about maths:

"I enjoy learning different things that will help in the future."

"I enjoy getting hard challenges."

"I like learning new things."

"My teacher makes it easy to understand."

"It makes me think quite hard."

"I enjoy working out the answer. It's not just about getting the right answer, it's about the working out."

They told us these things help them to learn:

  • maths packs
  • numicon
  • working walls
  • numberlines
  • things to count out

A Mastery Approach

This leaflet explains our approach to the teaching of maths at Wetheringsett.

maths mastery leaflet for parents.pdf