Teaching of RE

As a church school, the teaching of RE (Religious Education) is an important part of our curriculum. We believe that the teaching of RE should get children thinking about the big questions in life and help them to begin to form and express their own beliefs as well as understand and appreciate those of others. To reflect this, we have recently renamed the subject 'Beliefs and Values'. The content of lessons and curriculum remain unchanged, but we feel that by calling it Beliefs and Values, children will have a much clearer idea of what the subject is about and will find it more relevant to them.

Though learning about the beliefs and values of followers of different religions (or no religion), we support children to understand and respect different opinions and beliefs and to appreciate diversity, developing the positive attitudes of:

        • Self awareness
        • Respect
        • Open-mindedness, and
        • Appreciation and wonder

The long term curriculum plans for each phase give more detail about units of work that are covered.